Civil & Traffic

Civil & Traffic

Are you getting approvals efficiently?

Are you worried projects are taking too long and are too expensive?

Are you concerned your work won’t get priority?

What you’d like is a smooth approval process. You are looking for an experienced team who can facilitate that outcome. You want engineers with knowledge of the systems and established relationships with key stakeholders. More than that, you want to collaborate with senior engineers who are highly skilled, accessible and easy to work with.

What clients
are saying

Approachable Consultants

friendly, collaborative, able to talk things through

You never feel like you are asking a stupid question of them, and they don’t treat any question as being stupid. They will always give you an answer. The PCE team are well respected, and what they tell you is pretty much spot on and can be treated with high regard.

Efficient Communication

connected to industry people and processes

I think their knowledge base of the kind of requirements that we need to deliver the projects is very high. I value their ability to communicate with us quite quickly and accurately. They can accommodate the timeframes, and deliver the skill sets we need. They’re very good at articulating what needs to happen.

Personal Style

direct access to senior people

I can always get one of the directors, one of the senior people. I can always get through to them. In some other companies, you don’t necessarily get to talk to them.

Quality Portfolio

award winning work, 26 years local experience

When it comes to the complex issues, I am impressed with how they can work with the agencies to get the best outcome. How they look to maximise the engineering design to reduce costs and push boundaries against the authorities to keep costs down.


local knowledge, able to identify affordable outcomes

I just appreciate the level of experience that they bring to the table. They don’t put a junior on a project which may flounder around. The senior people are always aware of what’s going on with a project, and they’ve got a lot of depth of experience. They work well with contractors and are fair and reasonable to all parties.

Aerial view of a Porter project, a hockey turf at Aquinas College
Porter FAQ Image With Yellew Drone

Award-winning company

Strategic and Master Planning Award

The City of Melville’s Attadale Alfred Cove Foreshore Master Plan

Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design Award

2022 Stormwater WA Awards for Excellence

Park of the Year Award (WA)

Bina Parkland – 2021

PCE-CA award 2021 1
Awards - 4


Straightforward Solutions

Straight Talking

Stable Team

Ethical People

Proactive and Responsive


How soon can my work get done?

Our experienced team project manages to move things forward. We can achieve progress with multiple steps at once. We understand how to avoid delays. So how soon? We can make this as efficient as possible.

How much will it cost?

We are not the cheapest service provider and we are certainly not the most expensive. You are paying for an established stable team of industry professionals. That alone, could save you some serious money. Solutions will be well considered. Our approach will be guided by our local knowledge of people and processes. We’ll be looking for solutions that are practical and affordable.