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Porter Consulting Engineers provides comprehensive engineering services to the following public agencies:

Porter Consulting Engineers was the lead civil engineer for LandCorp’s Regional Development Assistance Program (RDAP) projects in 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016 which involves the provision of both residential and industrial land to regional shires. There have been over 40 projects in total completed around the mid-west to south-west of the state, which involved investigation, detailed servicing reviews, indicative costs, detailed design and construction administration by Porter Consulting Engineers.

Porter Consulting Engineers were engaged by LandCorp to prepare a scoping report for the Denmark Capital Works upgrade component of the Denmark Water Main project. The project involved extension of the DN250 distribution water main from the McLean Road tank to the intersection of Hollings Road and South Coast Highway. The scoping report was completed and submitted to the Water Corporation in November 2017.

We have been engaged by state government agencies to complete parking and traffic assessments including concept designs for local primary schools in Aveley, Dianella, East Beechboro and Yanchep.