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About the project:

Since 2016, Porter Consulting Engineers have been engaged by several fuel brands and other prominent West Australian contractors to be part of the consultant team for either new services stations or raze & rebuild of existing service station sites. 

Project detail:

Our civil engineering scope includes nominating the site, store and pavement levels, retaining wall and fence designs, drainage design (clean stormwater and potential fuel contaminated stormwater networks), overall tie in and line-marking.  The consultant team typically includes a lead architect, electrical, fuels, mechanical hydraulic and structural engineers.  Porter’s work well in large teams and have been able to co-ordinate the various aspects of each individual project to ensure a seamless tie in with other disciplines.

We have also provided initial site servicing investigations and civil and traffic engineering advice as part of planning applications for proposed locations across metropolitan and regional Western Australia.  

Our professional team have demonstrated a pro-active approach to resolving site and timing constraints associated with the delivery of these service station sites.

The most significant and complex petrol station site Porters have completed was BP Muchea.  We were engaged by Perkins as part of the consultant team for BP’s largest truck stop and fuel centre in Western Australia (covers 2.5ha).  The petrol station is located in Stage 1 of the Muchea Industrial Park which is at the very northern end of Northlink Stage 3.  

Our scope started at the planning stage and progressed through detailed design and construction administration. BP Muchea includes the standard vehicle fuelling areas plus an oversized truck facility and parking arrangements for RAV10 vehicles, cars and caravans.  Its convenience store is over 600m² and includes dedicated facilities for truck drivers including relaxation zones, shower and laundry areas.

The site was designed for the over length RAV10 vehicles (53.5m long).  This presented many challenges with the sites layout and configuration plus access to and egress from the truck filling facilities.  The site is located along the toe of the Darling Scarp and as such, the proximity of groundwater was a significant constraint.  Porters completed detailed liaison with the preceding subdivision designers to ensure the stormwater criteria were met along with the required minimum environmental controls. 

Porter Consulting also completed the external road upgrade works to allow the entry and exit of the large RAV10’s.  This involved detailed negotiations with Main Roads WA and their Northlink designers including complex swept path analysis.  

Our team worked seamlessly with BP, Perkins and the project team to ensure streamlined designs. The project commenced in February 2018 and construction works were completed in July 2020 with the opening of the petrol station aligned with the ribbon cutting of Northlink Stage 3.

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