Congratulations to our Senior Road Safety Auditors


Three of our staff, Brad Harris, Evan Williams and Jennie Hopfmueller have this year completed the IPWEA/MRWA Continuing Professional Development Road Safety Audit online course using the new IPWEA Road Safety Audit Portal (

In 2017, Main Roads WA undertook a review of their Policy and Guidelines for Road Safety Audit and one outcome was that all road safety auditors practising in Western Australia need to be accredited to provide assurance that they meet recognised national and international best practice guidance.

The IPWEA Road Safety Audit Portal website was created to provide an online location where auditors can seek to gain accreditation, maintain the currency of their certification and undertake the online training course which consists of 23 modules covering the knowledge and competencies to be a successful Senior Road Safety Auditor.

A consistent format for Road Safety Audit Reports was considered imperative and therefore a Report Template was developed by MRWA which promotes best practice for auditors writing reports and in a consistent format making it easier to locate information when referring to reports. Our auditors present their audits in this format to assist road authorities responsible for maintaining the WA road network to prioritise relevant recommendations.

Having 3 Senior Road Safety Auditors in our Organisation provides us and our Clients with the necessary road safety experience when it comes to preparing road designs, traffic reports and road safety audits.