Galleria Morley Infrastructure Upgrade

Drone photo of Galleria Morley Infrastructure Upgrade project

About the project:

The redevelopment and expansion of the Galleria Morley shopping centre is contingent on the relocation of the Water Corporation’s existing wastewater pumping station, 6,000m2 drainage basin and drainage pumping station.

Project detail:

Porter Consulting Engineers commenced the forward servicing investigation in 2014 and were proactive in supporting and advising Vicinity Centres through the many stages of the proposed development.  This included the review of the existing basin and pumping stations and the investigate relocation options.  Water Corporation reporting and detailed designs progressed with tendering and construction commencing in May 2019.  Construction completion was in July 2020.

Porters invested significant time in negotiating the various options with Vicinity, the project team and the Water Corporation to facilitate the redevelopment works.  Our relationship with the Water Corporation and our Civil Engineering expertise assisted the negotiations which resulted in an agreement to relocate the Corporations primary infrastructure.   

The final sewer design reflected twin Ø300 gravity sewers leading to an 11m deep, 3m diameter waste water pumping station with Ø200 sewer pressure main along Russell Road before connecting back onto the existing within the shopping centre carpark.  

The final drainage design reflects Ø1200 and Ø1500 drainage pipe extensions joining to a Ø2100 reinforced concrete pipe before flowing into a 20,000m3 vertical walled drainage basin.  Outflow was managed via 6m deep, 3m diameter pumping station with a Ø560 pressure main pumping at 230 l/s.

Shane Highman was project lead and coordinated all negotiations, designs, tendering and construction administration.  Dane Coombs was lead designer.

Key Objectives

  • Relocation of significant infrastructure.
  • To not impact on the operation of the existing Water Corporation assets (sewer and drainage).
  • Maintain operation of the shopping centre.
  • To not impact on the operation of the existing bus station.

Key Challenges/Management Strategies

  • Resolving the design criteria and sizing of the primary infrastructure.
  • Completing designs of primary Water Corporation infrastructure where no design standards were available.
  • Design the works to ensure the operation of the existing assets was not impacted.
  • Staging the work to ensure the operation of the shopping centre was not impacted.
  • Undertake complex connections to existing assets at a depth of 7m adjacent to the shopping centre.
  • Resolving pressure main routes through built-up and heavily developed road reserves.

The project timeframe for the infrastructure upgrade was 2014-2020 and the project value was $19.3M.

Galleria Morley Infrastructure Upgrade

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