Lakeway Redevelopment

Lakeway Swanbourne - Infill Subdivision - boardwalk

About the project:

Porter Consulting Engineers were engaged by the Town of Claremont to work with the Town Planners and Landscape Architects to create and finalise the concept designs for a small residential development of 40 lots in the coastal suburb of Swanbourne.

Project detail:

After laying idle for a considerable number of years the Town acquired the Brownfield site on Narla Road and embarked on a high quality urban infill development for the old drive in site.

Our professional team commenced designs in 2007 and undertook detailed design, documentation, approvals and construction administration of all of the civil components. Brad Harris was Lead Engineer and responsible for all aspects of design and construction as well as undertaking superintendence and construction administration of the civil works. David Porter provided project overview and Shane Highman supervised project design.

The considerable public interest was managed through a series of community briefings, newsletters and an onsite visitation. The subdivision won two UDIA awards in 2009 as well as the Gavin Watters Local Government Engineering Excellence Award in 2010.

Key Objectives

  • Retention of 30% of the site as Public Open Space for the purpose of bushland regeneration and habitat creation.
  • Incorporation of Water Sensitive Urban Design techniques to interface with the adjacent Lake Claremont and Bush Forever Sites.
  • Working with the landscape architect to design a development layout which could take advantage of the natural land contours and vistas over Lake Claremont. 
  • Flush kerbing used to direct run-off to roadside infiltration swales to assist onsite treatment of stormwater.  

Key Challenges

  • Of particular interest was the incorporation of water sensitive urban design in the drainage system and the upgrading of existing interfacing public infrastructure with minimal disruption.
  • The existing slope and location provided opportunity to create terraced landscaped lots overlooking an intensively developed open space. Interactive design with site landscape architects ensured the retention of landform and heritage.
  • Due to proximity of the signalised intersection of Narla Road with Marshall Road, a traffic investigation was undertaken to determine how two-way access could be achieved.
  • Where spatial constraints inhibited swales from being built, 1.8m diameter by 2.4m deep soakwells were installed and connected to landscaped compensation basins downstream.

The project commenced with Client consultation in 2006 and construction was completed in 2009.  Project value was $4.2M.

Lakeway Redevelopment

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