The Amble Estate

The Amble Estate Girrawheen - Infill Subdivision - new construct

About the project:

Porter Consulting Engineers were engaged by the Department of Communities through Yolk Property Group to prepare designs, tender documents as well as provide contract administration for all 4 stages. We were engaged as lead civil consultant on the urban infill project which was set to deliver a minimum of 129 dwellings.

Project detail:

Our professional team commenced designs in mid-2017, and the fourth and final stage was completed in 2020. The design works took into account existing frontages and interfaces with existing properties, as well as considered the retention of existing mature trees and site topography. Our original engagement was extended to undertake detailed design, documentation, approvals and construction administration of all of the civil components for Stages 2 and 3 as well as the Public Open Space basin design which allowed the project to continue on the Authority’s accelerated design programme.

Porter Consulting Engineers prepared the required engineering designs, investigations, reports, tender process and construction contract administration. Brad Harris was the project coordinator and was responsible for all aspects of the design and construction. Doug Eames and Dane Coombs together prepared designs for the subdivision and water main. Jamie King undertook construction inspections for the project.

Key Objectives

  • To take into account existing frontages and interfaces with existing properties, as well as considered retention of existing mature trees and site topography.
  • Incorporating BioRegional’s One Planet living requirements and design elements into the subdivision construction process.
  • Investigation and inclusion of alternative products to be used that have less environmental impact including recycled road construction products.

Key Challenges

  • The distribution water main clashed with the proposed site layout. We completed the design for realignment including connections that were complex due to the site terrain, proximity of existing services and the existing distribution main material.
  • Multiple staging and different construction contractors due to State Government funding and procurement models.
  • Due to existing commitments and an accelerated construction programme, we separated the Stage 1 works into two design packages to enable bulk earthworks and sewer reticulation to commence prior to subdivision and Authority approvals. Splitting the contract in this manner reduced the project timeline by 3 months.
  • Incorporating drainage elements that encourage at-source soakage and biofiltration areas.

The timeframe for development of the subdivision was 2017-2020 with a project value of $3.5M.


2019 UDIA WA Award winner in the categories of Excellence in Residential Development (less than 250 lots) and Environmental Excellence.

2020 National UDIA Award Finalist in the category of Environmental Excellence.

The Amble Estate

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