Bert Jeffery Park

Porter project, ovals and parks - building on an oval with a painted cockatoo on the side

About the project:

Porter Consulting Engineers undertook a servicing constraint and capacity investigation in relation to the proposed development of changing rooms and kiosk on the site for the City of Melville. Our scope included drainage infrastructure review and identification of servicing requirements for the site (electrical, communications, drainage, gas, water and wastewater). 

Project detail:

Our scope was further expanded to provide detailed designs for the siteworks, footpath, carpark, drainage, private pumping station and pressure main. Porters liaised with the architect to ensure synergies across the various disciplines. We also undertook the Contract Administration duties during the construction phase.

We reported our findings and indicative development costs to the City and were later engaged to prepare detailed designs for the development and provided superintendence of the civil construction works. The project was completed in May 2021.

Bert Jeffery Park

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