Regional Subdivision and Development Works


Porter Consulting Engineers are working together in 2021 with Local Government authorities in regional areas to develop residential and industrial land to create growth within their communities.  We are also working on several road and infrastructure upgrade projects.  Porters provides detailed engineering design plans, documentation, approvals and construction administration services, often including assistance with servicing with water and sewer servicing and liaison with the Water Corporation.

Construction is commencing this month on 3 development sites for Local Government projects located in the towns of Quairading, Karratha and Jurien Bay.  We have an excellent understanding of land developments and local government projects, having undertaken detailed civil and stormwater designs as well as initial feasibility, costings and servicing advice for thousands of sites across the state.

Our team have been providing services to Local Government for 25 years and we have added value to numerous projects in ensuring all Council requirements are met or exceeded.  Should you need help with a subdivision development project or infrastructure project in your area, we would be happy to be involved.  We are a locally owned and operated Western Australian company so call us today on 08 9315 9955 or email